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Finding Your Way

For the LORD watches over

the way of the righteous.


-Psalm 1:6


Each year at FBC Arlington is packed with meaning and significance. There are always lessons to be learned as we reflect over God’s leadership in our lives in the previous year.

2017 was truly a meaningful year for us. We experienced both highs and lows as a church family and staff. Certainly, this year will be long remembered as the year we renovated our Sanctuary. It was quite a journey, to say the least. We managed the transition well—however, not without some pain, impact, and change. I hope we will garner all the lessons needed from this journey as we forge ahead toward all God has for us in this new year.

This past year has been a year of transition in many ways for us. We have implemented a new staff structure. We have experienced the departures of two Associate Pastors. We have crafted a new infrastructure for our mission ministry with a new staff member in place in global ministries.

We also have almost completed a holistic analysis of our governance structure and decision-making policies. We expect a recommendation from this task force in early 2018. Further, we have engaged in the most holistic analysis of our financial systems in at least several generations in our church.  
Finally, we ended 2017 by voting to proceed with the construction of a new Preschool/Children’s Education Building. We expect this project to begin in February of 2018.

We spent the entire year of 2017 exploring the nature of the Gospel. Scot McKnight led our entire church in a study of evangelism or “Gospeling” as he prefers. It was a rich and beneficial journey for our staff and church as we studied the meaning of the Gospel for 21st century believers.

In 2018, we are embarking on a different kind of adventure. Our theme for 2018 is Finding Your Way. We will explore how to find our way in various spheres of life during this year. Here are the themes to be addressed in my sermon plans:  

Finding Your Way . . . 

. . . through the Bible

. . . on the Jesus Way

. . . in Relationships

. . . towards Spiritual Maturity

. . . in Ministry

. . . around the World

. . . to Bethlehem  

Further, we have embraced three significant priorities to guide our ministry planning and the strategic development of our budgetary considerations. Also, we are engaged in a strategic analysis of our staffing priorities related to our goals. The three priorities are:

• Spiritual Formation – We are planning to implement strategies that will assist us in deepening the spiritual formation of our people. We have ideas to engage our people in curriculum, in ministry, in small groups— all aimed at spiritual formation.

• Deepening Our Downtown Presence – The ministry context of downtown Arlington continues to morph with the amazing growth of our community. We are seeking to engage the people who live and work downtown with the Gospel.

• Deepening Our Impact into the Broader Arlington Community – Our city is growing and changing. We have to become more intentional in our evangelistic and outreach efforts across the Arlington community.  

2018 is here! I am looking forward to this new year. I believe God has big plans in store for us. I am praying for us and our people as we all find our way on the Jesus Way!

Glorifying God by Following The Jesus Way!