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Easter 2019

40 Days of Hope

April 2

Tuesday, April 2

A Refreshed Soul

Psalm 23

Let’s be honest, life can be hard. Challenges come our way and our lives take unexpected turns. We can be rattled and shaken to the very depths of our being.

I well remember a season in my life where the storm brewing seemed to be just too much for me to handle. My actions were misunderstood by a broad swath of people. My motives were called into question frequently. My leadership was rejected by some influential people. My confidence waned and I wondered if I would be able to continue in the ministry. It was hard.

I felt the pain in my soul. I was disquieted in my soul. I became downcast in my soul. It was deeper than a professional crisis—although that is what precipitated the feelings. It was a profound and paralyzing experience.

In the midst of that trying season of life, God began to personally minister to me. I heard His voice very pointedly through His Word. He cared for me through the insights of Godly people. He brought nourishment and healing in my worship life with Him. He finally gave me peace in the quietness of the night. He lifted me from my pit of despair. He refreshed my soul. It was unforgettable.

David paints a picture for us in verses 2-3 that remind me of that experience with God. God led me to green pastures to feed my soul. He provided clean and refreshing water for my downcast spirit. He guided me out of the destructive pathways into His will for my life. He put me back on the right road—for His name’s sake.

The words in these two verses are more than poetic words for me. They describe what I have experienced in my walk with the Good Shepherd. He truly cares about you and me. He is making provision. He is planting fields of grass right now that we will graze in later. He has already found clean water and knows how to lead us there. He knows the best paths to take. He has gone before us.

Trust Him in the midst of those trying days in your life. He is the Good Shepherd. His way is best. He will guide you to what you need. You can rest beside those still waters. He can and will refresh your soul.

Recall an experience when God provided refreshment for your soul. Perhaps you may record a prayer of thanksgiving today as you remember His care for you.