Saturday,  April 20

I Have Seen the Lord!

John 20

Today, we read the Easter text! Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. Our hearts are heavy from the events of Good Friday. The body of our Lord was taken by Joseph and Nicodemus and placed in a borrowed tomb. But death only had a temporary victory. Early on Sunday morning, God gloriously resurrected Jesus Christ from the dead! Hallelujah!

Our 40-day journey is complete. Our eternal journey continues. Tomorrow we will join hands and hearts together and celebrate the hope we have in Christ.

We have truly discovered hope in Him. Our hope is secure. Our hope is certain. We believe in the power of this Gospel. Our lives have been transformed by it. Our eternity is secure because of it. Our sins have been forgiven, and we have been redeemed. We have been restored into a right relationship with God. We now have an inheritance in eternity kept secure by the power of God.

We can now stare death in the face and know that the power of the resurrection is real. Our Great High Priest has won the victory for us. We now have access to the very Throne of Grace. Our lives truly take on new meaning because of what God has done for us in Christ.

This message is so transformative that it must be proclaimed to the whole world. We cannot hold on to it ourselves. Everyone deserves to know what God has done. Everyone deserves to know what God is offering.

We have a Good Shepherd, Who has laid down His life for the sheep. He has provided all we need for an abundant life on this earth and an eternal life in glory. He has placed us in community with other believers so that we might encourage one another to live fully into His will. He has written His law on our hearts so that we might experience His presence in our everyday lives.

He has reversed the curse of sin. He has personally visited earth to make sure we know the way home.

Tomorrow we will celebrate it all! We will rejoice in the testimony of Mary Magdalene --- I have seen the Lord!

Spend some time in prayer today for yourself and for your fellow church members. May we fully experience the miracle of Easter!

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