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Tuesday,  April 9

Living Hope

1 Peter 1:3

On Sunday morning we heard the powerful declaration from Jesus, “I am the resurrection and the life.” Jesus then demonstrated that He had power over death when He raised Lazarus from the dead. However, the ultimate testimony of the power of the Gospel is when God resurrected Jesus from the dead on that first Easter Sunday. Lazarus was raised from the dead --- certainly an unforgettable miracle. Yet, he would go on to die again. However, Jesus was resurrected from the dead --- to never die again! Praise God!

Peter was an eyewitness of the resurrection of Jesus. He personally went to the empty tomb searching for the body of Jesus. He then was one of the followers of Jesus who actually saw the resurrected Lord with his own eyes. He touched the body of the resurrected Lord with his own hands. He would never be the same.

In fact, Peter is a great example of someone whose entire life was transformed by the power of the resurrection of Jesus. On Thursday evening of the final week of the earthly life of Jesus, he was unwilling to admit that he even knew Jesus. His three-fold denial of Jesus is familiar to all of us. But he was completely changed by meeting the resurrected Lord. He would stand in the heart of Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost and preach the very first Christian sermon in Christian history!

Peter understood the truth that the resurrection of Jesus has given all of us hope. The hope we have in Christ is a living hope because we serve a living Savior! This living hope becomes a reality when we experience the new birth Jesus mentioned in His conversation with Nicodemus. We are born again at our salvation. This new birth is a complete transformation of our spiritual reality. We are no longer bound for a sinner’s hell --- but we are now filled with life and hope. Our salvation is secure in Christ, and our destiny is certain.

In the face of such profound truth, Peter proclaims that this hope is alive in us now. We don’t base our hope on ourselves. Our hope is secured by the victory won on Easter Sunday morning! We are closing in on Easter in our pilgrimage together. We will approach it with the awe it deserves because of the insight given to this eyewitness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Our hope today is alive --- just like our Savior!

Praise God today for the hope you have in Christ!

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