Easter 2018

Finding Your Way . . .
. . . On The Jesus Way 

February 14 - April 7, 2018

Ash Wednesday 2018
Life in His Name
John 20:30-31

Our annual journey to the cross and an empty tomb begins tonight. The Apostle John will be our guide for this trek this year. He was an eyewitness who experienced the life of Jesus up close. He chose to write his Gospel so that people might discover life in Jesus. Let’s pray that God will continue to breathe life in us as we journey together this Easter Season. Let’s also pray that He will use us to share this message of life with others.

Daily Bible Readings
February 14:         John 1:1-18
February 15:         John 1:19-34
February 16:         John 1:35-51
February 17:         Reflection

February 18, 2018
The Way of Glory
John 1:14-18

God has created each of us with the potential of reflecting His glory in our world. The challenge we face is the reality of sin and its consequences. As Paul surmised, “we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Rom. 3:23). However, Jesus shows us the possibility of glory in human flesh! He is our supreme example of glory. His Way is the Way of Glory.

Daily Bible Readings
February 19:         John 2:1-12
February 20:         John 2:13-25
February 21:         John 3:1-21
February 22:         John 3:22-36
February 23:         John 4:1-26
February 24:         Reflection

February 25, 2018

The Way to Life
John 3:1-21

Nicodemus was a Biblical scholar in his day. He was acquainted with the things of God. After hearing of Jesus, he recognized something unique was present in the ministry of this teacher from Nazareth. In fact, he respectfully pointed out to Jesus his belief that Jesus had actually been sent by God. Jesus quickly moved their conversation about His ministry to an invitation to life. That is what Jesus offers---life! His Way is The Way to Life!

Daily Bible Readings 
February 26:         John 4:27-38
February 27:         John 4:39-54
February 28:         John 5
March 1:                John 6:1-24
March 2:                John 6:25-71
March 3:                Reflection

March 4, 2018
The Way of Provision
John 6:25-40

God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. His treasury in eternity is rich and full. He never bounces a check. He never over-promises. He is never short on resources. He is a God of provision. He sent His Son, Jesus – to demonstrate His love and His ability to provide for His people. Like manna in the wilderness, Jesus is God’s bread of life for humanity today. His Way is the Way of Provision.

Daily Bible Readings 
March 5:               John 7:1-24
March 6:               John 7:25-52
March 7:               John 8:1-30
March 8:               John 8:31-59
March 9:               John 9
March 10:             Reflection

March 11, 2018
The Way of Protection

John 10:1-21

The Bible makes use of metaphors as a matter of course. Jesus often did the same. He referred to His followers as sheep. In first-century Palestine, everyone was familiar with sheep and their needs. Any sheep’s only hope for a stable, healthy, life was completely dependent on its shepherd. Defenseless and dependent, sheep need a shepherd. Jesus brilliantly uses this metaphor to help us understand that we are dependent upon Him for security and well-being. His Way is the Way of Protection.

Daily Bible Readings 
March 12:             John 10
March 13:             John 11:1-37
March 14:             John 11:38-57
March 15:             John 12:1-19
March 16:             John 12:20-50
March 17:             Reflection

March 18, 2018
The Way of Service
John 13:1-17

It is very tempting to be a self-centered person in every respect. We all face the realities of the desire to take care of ourselves first. We can be very ego-centric in thinking, believing, and behaving. However, Jesus calls us to a life of service. He knows the blessing of serving others. He invites us to answer the call to serve. He modeled it for us in how He lived on earth. His Way is the Way of Service.

Daily Bible Readings
March 19:             John 13
March 20:             John 14
March 21:             John 15:1-17
March 22:             John 15:18-27
March 23:             John 16:1-15
March 24:             Reflection

March 25, 2018 - PALM SUNDAY
The Way of Love
John 17:20-26

How will our world know we belong to Jesus? Is it because we go to church? Is it because we refrain from certain behaviors? Is it because we dress or act in a certain way? Actually, Jesus prayed for us the night before He died. His eyes peered into the future in His prayer recorded in John 17. He prayed that we might be unified as a people. At the heart of this unity is the powerful force of love. His Way is the Way of Love.

Daily Bible Readings

March 26:                 John 16:16-33
March 27:                 John 17
March 28:                 John 18:1-24
Maundy Thursday:   John 18:25-40
Good Friday:            John 19
March 31:                 Reflection

April 1, 2018 - EASTER SUNDAY
The Way of Belief
John 20:1-10

We have no way of “proving” the resurrection of Jesus Christ today. However, there is a great amount of evidence that points to its reality. I don’t think you can explain all that happened after Easter Sunday without it. The resurrection of Jesus is at the heart of the Christian faith. And yet---it still calls for faith. We have to believe. John saw the empty tomb and . . . believed! His Way is the Way of Belief.

Daily Bible Readings 
April 2:                 John 20
April 3:                 John 21
April 4:                 John 1:1-18
April 5:                 John 14:1-14
April 6:                 John 15:1-17
April 7:                 Reflection