Missio Dei – the Mission of God. That is what we are about as followers of Jesus. Jesus came to show us The Way. His way is the way to heaven, of course. But, His way is also the way to an abundant and meaningful life. He modeled it for us.

As we follow Jesus, we begin to sense the direction of the Holy Spirit guiding us to find our way in the Mission of God. God is at work in our world. He is redeeming what is broken. He is reconciling men and women unto Himself. He has invited us to be a part of this great mission. In fact, He has exhorted us to be a part of His mission.

Jesus gave specific instructions for His followers just prior to His ascension into heaven. In both Acts 1 and Matthew 28, we read of the Great Commission. We are called to be His witnesses all across the world. We are challenged by Jesus to find our way to the nations. We are empowered by His Holy Spirit. His Spirit will guide us to the uttermost parts of the earth! In other words, we are to find our way around the world.

This sermon series is a part of our annual emphasis on Mission here at FBC Arlington. We will celebrate all that God is doing through the missional life of our church. We will also set forth the challenges associated with responding to God’s call to His Mission.

We will encourage our people to give sacrificially to the World Mission Offering. We will also encourage our people to consider how the calling of God affects their daily lives.

It is a grand mission. The Mission of God could be no less than grand! What a privilege to participate alongside one another in this incredible endeavor. May God be glorified as we follow The Jesus Way to the ends of the earth!

Finding Your Way . . . Around the World Missions 2018

November 4

Start Where You Are

Matthew 25:31-46

The call to mission begins where we are. God has placed all of us in places of influence. We all can respond to His call in the context of our daily lives. He invites us to participate with Him as He is already at work!

Daily Bible Readings
November 5:       Matthew 1

November 6:       Matthew 2

November 7:       Matthew 3-4

November 8:       Matthew 5

November 9:       Matthew 6-7

November 11

Answering the Call

Matthew 9:35-38

God calls some people to go into the harvest field to engage in ministry. It might be a call to mission service. It may be a call to full-time, vocational service through the local church. But, the reality is that God calls men and women to serve Him in ministry. Those of us who are called, must answer and obey!

Daily Bible Readings
November 12:         Matthew 8

November 13:         Matthew 9

November 14:         Matthew 10

November 15:         Matthew 11

November 16:         Matthew 12

November 18

Partnership in Mission

Philippians 1:3-6; 4:14-20

Taking the Gospel to our world is demanding and costly. The mission requires much sacrifice. We all can participate as partners in this grand endeavor. Our financial support provides for practical needs in accomplishing the mission of the Church.

Daily Bible Readings

November19:          Matthew 13

November 20:         Matthew 14-15

November 21:         Matthew 16-17
November 22:         Matthew 18-19

November 23:         Matthew 20

November 25

The Lostness of Our World

Matthew 28:16-20

We need to find our way around the world ---- because the world is so lost! If we believed everyone was okay without Jesus, we would leave them alone! But, Jesus Himself commanded us to go to the nations. So, we have to find our way around the world!

Daily Bible Readings
November 26:         Matthew 21-22

November 27:         Matthew 23

November 28:         Matthew 24-25

November 29:         Matthew 26

November 30:         Matthew 27-28

November 2018

Finding Your Way . . .
. . . Around the World
November 4 - 30, 2018