Fall 2018

Finding Your Way . . .
. . . in Ministry
September 2 - November 3, 2018


Ministry is a part of Christian discipleship. God has gifted each believer for engagement in ministry. Staff members or “professional ministers” have the two-fold task of being involved directly in personal ministry --- and, being invested in equipping the saints of God for ministry.

Ministry is a shared experience in the body of believers. We all have roles to play. Sometimes the ministry expression is directly tied to our giftedness (e.g., teaching, administration, discernment, evangelism, etc.). Other times, we just engage ourselves in ministry that needs to be accomplished (e.g., greeting, ushering, visitation, hosting, etc.).  

There is a shared responsibility with regards to ministry. On the one hand, the church should offer meaningful opportunities for ministry for its members. On the other hand, church members should be proactive in ministry involvement. Church members should be willing to demonstrate initiative in finding places of service. Churches must be innovative and user-friendly, so its members can readily utilize their gifts in meaningful acts of service and ministry. 

This Fall, our church will be engaged in a conversation about ministry and service. Our goal is to realize 100% involvement in ministry at FBC Arlington! We want everyone to be invested in ministry. Christian discipleship and spiritual formation are not just based on “intake” of information. One aspect of our growth and development is the practical investment of our knowledge through acts of service. We learn . . . and we practice. 

We will read through the Book of Acts together in our Daily Bible Readings – supplemented by a few selections from John’s Gospel. We will be listening for the voice of the Holy Spirit as we read the incredible story of the birth of the church and the spread of the Gospel across the known world. The church was in the world and filled with the Spirit. May it be so again today! ​

Finding Your Way . . . in Spiritual Formation

September 2 

It is a New Day!

Acts 2:1-21

Pentecost was a true miracle of God! The Holy Spirit was given to the followers of Jesus in a new and distinct manner. The New Covenant had been established by Jesus and now the Spirit of God was given to seal that covenant in the hearts of God’s people. The Spirit would now forever baptize, seal, fill, equip, lead, convict, enlighten, and empower the people of God for the work of God’s Kingdom.


Daily Bible Readings

September 3:      Acts 1     

September 4:      Acts 2:1-21     

September 5:      Acts 2:22-36     

September 6:      Acts 2:37-47     

September 7:      John 14:1-14 

September 9

There is a New Place!

Acts 2:41-47

The Church became a local reality and expression in Jerusalem subsequent to the miracle of Pentecost. The response at Pentecost led to a new community built upon the Person of Jesus Himself and built around His teachings and practices. This new community was to be (and still is) animated by His Spirit --- the Holy Spirit. 

Daily Bible Readings

September 10:       Acts 3:1-10

September 11:       Acts 3:11-26

September 12:       Acts 4:1-22

September 13:       Acts 4:23-37

September 14:       John 14:15-31

September 16 

We have a New Example!

Matthew 20:20-28

Serving others is not very glamorous. In fact, it can be a very humbling experience. However, God has designed us to live in community as servants. Our greatest example is Jesus Himself! He is our role model, our example, our inspiration, and our guide in service to others.  

Daily Bible Readings

September 17:       Acts 5:1-16

September 18:       Acts 5:17-42

September 19:       Acts 6

September 20:       Acts 7:1-29

September 21:       Acts 7:30-8:3

September 23

Discovering Your Unique Design

Ephesians 4:1

A cursory examination of the universe reveals the incredibly diverse nature of God’s creation. He obviously loves diversity. He has designed each human being to be uniquely formed in His image. Each of us must explore our own individual make-up as human beings. We will best flourish as believers when we live into our purpose for existence. 

Daily Bible Readings

September 24:       Acts 8:4-40

September 25:       Acts 9:1-19

September 26:       Acts 9:20-43

September 27:       Acts 10

September 28:       John 15:1-17

September 30

Discovering Your Usefulness in the Church

Ephesians 4:1-16

God is at work through the church. He has uniquely gifted people for service in and through the church. You have been given an opportunity to live in community with other believers and serve alongside them in ministry. The same Holy Spirit has gifted all of us to serve together in unity and maturity.    

Daily Bible Readings

October 1:        Acts 11:1-18

October 2:        Acts 11:19-30

October 3:        Acts 12:1-24

October 4:        Acts 12:25-13:12

October 5:        John 15:18-25

October 7

Unwrap Your Present and Use It!

1 Corinthians 12:4-11

Each one of us has been gifted to serve the church, the Kingdom of God, and the greater community. God’s gifting matches our unique design. He has designed us for a purposeful existence where we serve His interests. Our gifts are discovered and utilized best in community with God’s people. 

Daily Bible Readings

October 8:         Acts 13:13-52

October 9:         Acts 14

October 10:       Acts 15

October 11:       Acts 16

October 12:       John 15:26-16:15

October 14
Humility is our Hallmark in Ministry

Romans 12:3-21

Our giftedness is not an excuse to be prideful or haughty. Our ministry is to be lived out in the body of Christ in the context of humility. We are to serve others through our giftedness. 

Daily Bible Readings

October 15:       Acts 17

October 16:       Acts 18

October 17:       Acts 19

October 18:       Acts 20

October 19:       John 16:16-33

October 21

Serving Others is The Jesus Way

Luke 10:25-37

God has equipped each of us to uniquely serve His Kingdom. However, service to others is not necessarily always tied to our giftedness. As followers of Jesus, we are always to be ready to serve others in Jesus’ Name. It is The Jesus Way!   

Daily Bible Readings

October 22:       Acts 21:1-36

October 23:       Acts 21:37-22:29

October 24:       Acts 22:30-23:35

October 25:       Acts 24

October 26:       John 17:1-19

October 28

Together in Ministry

Ephesians 4:1-16

The Apostle Paul paints a beautiful portrait of the church in Ephesians 4. As we bring this series to a conclusion, we are re-visiting this text to tie together all that we have learned. 
God has designed us to live and serve together in the community of faith. We are blessed as we serve, and the church is blessed through our service. What a privilege to be a part of His divine plan! 

Daily Bible Readings

October 29:       Acts 25:1-22

October 30:       Acts 25:23-26:32

October 31:       Acts 27

November 1:     Acts 28

November 2:     John 17:20-26