What in the world is “Gospeling”?

This term has been coined by Scot McKnight in his book, The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited. It is his term for evangelism. However, it is more than just a cute re-phrasing of evangelism. It represents his attempt to ensure any evangelistic endeavor is rooted in the Gospel.

He lists 4 characteristics of “Gospeling” in the New Testament:

  1. The gospel is framed by Israel’s Story – the narration of the saving Story of Jesus—his life, his death, his resurrection , his exaltation, and his coming again—is the completion of the Story of Israel.
  2. The gospel centers on the lordship of Jesus.
  3. Gospeling involves summoning people to respond.
  4. The gospel saves and redeems.

So, Gospeling is the proclamation of the Christian message, rooted in the Person and Work of Christ, framed by The Big Story, with a hope of a positive response that results in salvation and redemption.

Obviously, November is our annual emphasis on the Mission of God here at FBCA. As usual, we will seek to support and affirm our mission efforts both locally and globally. We will emphasize the importance of investing in the World Mission Offering. We will highlight the various missional endeavors of our church family during this month.

November 5, 2017
A Spirit-filled Message for Everyone
Acts 2:1-13

Pentecost is an annual feast on the Jewish calendar. The most famous Pentecost on record is the one that occurred just after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Spirit of God filled the people of God on that day in a new and fresh way. The result? They began Gospeling! People from across the world heard the message that day in their own language. In fact, that is actually our goal today! We believe this message about Jesus is for everyone and we bear the responsibility to be heralds of this Gospel. (Today we will celebrate and commission the proclamation of the Gospel on the campus of UT-Arlington. We will also pray for the Persecuted Church.)

Daily Bible Readings
During the month of November, we will read the Book of Acts together as a church family. This is Luke’s account of the establishment and growth of the early church. It is truly an exciting story. As we make our way through this book, let’s pay special attention to the power of the Gospel. It was good news then and it remains good news today!

November 6:        Acts 1
November 7:        Acts 2
November 8:        Acts 3
November 9:        Acts 4
November 10:      Acts 5
November 11:      Acts 6


November 12, 2017
Gospeling Pleases God
Acts 2:14-21

On that fateful day of Pentecost recorded in Acts 2, Peter received supernatural insight into what was really happening. God was ushering in the “last days” mentioned in the prophecy of Joel. God’s people were to receive God’s Spirit to do God’s work in the world. At the heart of God’s work is the proclamation of the Gospel that leads people to salvation! (Today we will celebrate the many efforts aimed at proclaiming the Gospel here in our community.)

Daily Bible Readings
In this week’s readings, we will encounter some of the most famous stories in the Book of Acts. Again—notice the power of the Gospel. Stephen risks his life for the Gospel and actually becomes the first Christian martyr. An Ethiopian, a Pharisee from Tarsus and a Roman Centurion-----their stories of conversion are all recorded in this section of material. And Acts 11 contains the documentation of the Gospel being proclaimed to Gentiles—and the rest is history!

November 13:      Acts 7:1-8:1
November 14:      Acts 8:2-40
November 15:      Acts 9
November 16:      Acts 10
November 17:      Acts 11
November 18:      Acts 12:1-23


November 19,2017
What is Gospeling?
Acts 2:22-41

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the task of the church. As followers of Jesus, we have been uniquely equipped and empowered to fulfill this task. We have a message to proclaim. It is a call for people everywhere to acknowledge Jesus as Messiah and Lord. We are not heralds of an American way of life. We are promoting a certain cultural perspective. We are Gospeling! We are sharing the true message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our world! (Today we will celebrate and affirm our sent workers across the world.)

Daily Bible Readings
This week, we will read of the beginning of Christian mission as the church in Antioch sends the first Christian missionaries in history. Paul and Barnabas are commissioned to take the Gospel to the world. Take note of the growth of Christianity across the ancient world as churches were established in beach-head communities and the power of the Gospel was on display.

November 20:      Acts 12:24-13:52
November 21:      Acts 14
November 22:      Acts 15
November 23:      Acts 16
November 24:      Acts 17
November 25:      Acts 18


November 26, 2017
Gospel People
Acts 2:42-47

The God of the Bible is a covenant-making God. He lives in community with His people. His people are to be missional people who are engaged in His mission in His world. The church is His institution on earth. At the heart of our community as a people is the Gospel. We are committed to Gospeling because we are Gospel people! (Today – we will celebrate and affirm the missional community and organizational infrastructure of our church.)

Daily Bible Readings
Our church takes the Great Commission seriously. Take time this week to pray for the mission work of our church across the world.

November 27:      Acts 19
November 28:      Acts 20-21
November 29:      Acts 22-23
November 30:      Acts 24:1-25:22
December 1:        Acts 25:23-26:32
December 2:        Acts 27-28​

Gospeling:  News Worth Sharing
November 5 –  December 2, 2017