October 1 – November 4, 2017

What in the world is “Lostology”???
Actually, this is a term coined by John Kramp in his book, Out of Their Faces and Into Their Shoes: How to Understand Spiritually Lost People and Give Them Directions to God. Kramp, a graduate of Baylor and Southwestern Seminary, wrote this very practical guide back in the late 1990’s and it contains a list of what he calls “The Laws of Lostology” – in which he helps his readers better understand lost people and how to reach them.

So – “Lostology” is the study of lost people -- People who have yet to discover the life that Jesus Christ offers. Jesus is the one who offered us the image of lostness:

          For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.
                             -Luke 19:10

This series is aimed at assisting all of us in better understanding both “lostness” and lost people in our society today. It has both a theological aim and a practical aim. We need to have a “theology of lostness” that undergirds our understanding of authentic evangelism. I also think we need to be better students of our own society so we can develop the best strategies to reach people with the Gospel.

There are several resources that have also helped me prepare for this series:

I Once Was Lost: What Postmodern Skeptics Taught Us About Their Path to Jesus, Don Everts and Doug Schaupp

Evangelism in the Early Church, Michael Green

Fool’s Talk, Os Guiness

Church for the Unchurched, George G. Hunter III

Out of Their Faces and Into Their Shoes: How to Understand Spiritually Lost People and Give Them Directions to God, John Kramp

The Millennials: Connecting to America’s Largest Generation, Thom and Jess Rainer

Lost and Found: The Younger Unchurched and the Churches That Reach Them, Ed Stetzer

This month promises to be rich and memorable for us as a church family. We will be moving back into the Sanctuary on October 1. We will officially dedicate the Sanctuary on October 15. As we launch this new era in our church’s life, I can’t think of a better time to reflect upon the spiritual needs of people around us than right now. We are in the heart of this community. New apartments are being constructed all around us. These structures will be filled with people who need us and need the Lord!

So, we will spend time this month celebrating and reflecting. We will read through the Gospel of Mark as well. This will be our second Gospel to read through this year (we read Matthew in our Easter journey). Our theme remains, The Gospel: It’s Still Good News! Indeed, it is good news. May God continue to use us to share it faithfully with our community and our world!

October 1, 2017
Lost and Found
Ephesians 2:1-10

Today we move back into our Sanctuary. Praise God! This room is sacred space for us as a church family. It is in this room we gather to worship our Lord. Today we will be reminded of just what our Lord has done for us. In this message, we will examine the drastic condition of lostness compared to the glorious condition of being found in Christ. Our church’s mission includes the effort of finding the “lost” and blessing the “found.”

Daily Bible Readings
In Christ, God has accomplished the miracle of our salvation. This week we are reflecting upon the work of God in our lives and in the life of our church. He has chosen His people to be vehicles of grace. We are living expressions of the power of the Gospel. Let’s commit ourselves this week to be messengers of His grace and hope to a lost world.

October 2:           Ephesians 1
October 3:           Ephesians 2
October 4:           Ephesians 3
October 5:           Ephesians 4
October 6:           Ephesians 5
October 7:           Ephesians 6


October 8, 2017
Look and Learn
Mark 5:21-34

One of the most significant barriers that must be overcome in reaching lost people in America today is distrust. There is some research that indicates lost people just don’t trust Christians. One of the initial steps for a lost person to take in their spiritual journey is to move from distrust to trust. Jesus offers us an example of how to cultivate trust in this famous story of healing from Mark’s Gospel. He took the time to ‘look” and “learn” in his encounter with a woman who needed His healing touch.

Daily Bible Readings
Mark was the first Gospel to be written. He presents the story of Jesus in the most concise written account. As we read the Gospel of Mark in this season of our church’s life, let’s all be reminded of the beauty of the story of Jesus and the profundity of His Message. His Message is THE Message of all time for all people!

October 9:           Mark 1:1-28
October 10:         Mark 1:29-45
October 11:         Mark 2
October 12:         Mark 3:1-19
October 13:         Mark 3:20-35
October 14:         Reflection

October 15, 2017
The Lord’s House
2 Chronicles 7:11-16

Today, we officially dedicate our new sanctuary to the Lord. What an exciting day for our church! We will be reminded today of what we are about in this place. This is a center of spiritual activity where we engage people in spiritual exercises that lead to spiritual decisions that result in spiritual fruit. May God be honored with all we do in this room!

Daily Bible Readings
God’s House is to be a house of worship and prayer. In fact, God’s House is to be a house of prayer “for all nations” (Mark 11:17). We are to be engaged in sharing the message of hope --- even in our prayers! God has placed us in the midst of a generation of folks who need Him. We must cultivate a heart of love for lost people. This week, ask God to develop within you a love for people who need Jesus.

October 16:         Mark 4:1-25
October 17:         Mark 4:26-41
October 18:         Mark 5:1-20
October 19:         Mark 5:21-43
October 20:         Mark 6
October 21:         Reflection


October 22, 2017
Cultivating Curiosity
​Mark 4:26-34

One of the sure signs God is at work in a lost person’s life is spiritual curiosity. When folks begin to be curious about the things of God, this is evidence of spiritual activity in their lives. Jesus was an expert in cultivating curiosity. We can learn from Jesus at this point. God can use us to serve as spiritual catalysts in the lives of lost people. Certainly, this is the arena of the Holy Spirt – but God uses people to accomplish His mission!

Daily Bible Readings
We are surrounded by lost people. They are in our families, they live in our neighborhoods, they are in our schools, they are in our offices ----- they are just everywhere. Often, they do not realize the seriousness of their spiritual condition. One of the roles we can play in their lives is to serve as spiritual catalysts to ignite curiosity in their hearts. Ask God to use you this week as a catalyst in someone’s life.

October 23:         Mark 7
October 24:         Mark 8:1-9:1
October 25:         Mark 9:2-50
October 26:         Mark 10
October 27:         Mark 11
October 28:         Reflection


October 29, 2017
Change is Hard . . . but Possible!
Mark 10:17-31

One of the most difficult steps for a lost person to take is to decide to change. Change is hard for everyone. However, change is possible! Our story in the text today is about a young man who expressed interest in Jesus, but he was unwilling to change. However, the possibility for change was real for him. It is for everyone you know. Anyone can change and God wants to use us as His change agents in the lives of lost people.

Daily Bible Readings
Change is truly possible in the life of any person. Ask God to place at least one person on your heart who needs to make a decision for Christ. As you read this week, take the time to reflect upon what Jesus has done for all of us. We will follow Him to the cross this week in our readings. May God use this week to encourage us to share this story with someone who desperately needs to hear it.

October 30:          Mark 12
October 31:          Mark 13
November 1:        Mark 14
November 2:        Mark 15
November 3:        Mark 16
November 4:        Reflection​