Monday, March 11

Miraculous Picnic

John 6:1-15

Similar to the context of John 8, there were many questions being asked about Jesus when we come to John 6. His identity was truly being questioned. Was He a prophet? Wasn’t He just a carpenter from Nazareth? How could He perform these miracles?

So, this is the context for our passage today. Jesus has traveled from Galilee to Judah and back now numerous times. He had become well-known in Jerusalem because of His teachings and His miracles.

In our text today, Jesus is in Galilee and crowds are following Him. They are hungry for His teachings. Close to the Sea of Galilee, a huge number of folks are listening to His insights. They were also physically hungry. Jesus asked His disciples, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?”

John lets us in on a secret in verse 6. Jesus was planning a miraculous picnic! A young boy surrendered his lunch to the Master. Jesus takes the five loaves and two fish from the boy’s lunch pail and feeds 5,000! Unbelievable! And—there were leftovers!

This is one of the few miracles of Jesus recorded in all four Gospels. It was truly a memorable feat. Jesus demonstrated His unique power of provision through this miracle. No one had ever revealed such power before. In fact, the people recognized this and were determined to crown him king on the spot (John 6:15). Just like God provided manna for the children of Israel in the desert, Jesus provided bread for His followers on the mountain.

In your life and in mine, we often find ourselves in need of intervention and provision. This story reminds us that Jesus Christ can provide in miraculous ways! While we can’t presume upon God, we can depend upon the truth that He knows our needs and He cares deeply for us.

Are you in need today? Bring those needs to the Lord today and seek His will in your situation. 

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