Tuesday, March 12

Jesus Walks on Water

John 6:16-24

A few years ago, Cindy and I visited Israel. Early in our trip, we traveled to the region of Galilee. We boarded a boat and went out on the Sea of Galilee. While out on the lake, our captain stopped the boat and we just sat for a while. Naturally, we read this story. Our guide said, “We don’t know the exact spot on the lake where Jesus walked on water, but we think it was in the vicinity of where we are now.”

We sat there in stunned awe. What would that have been like? We tried to imagine how the disciples must have felt. John tells us they were scared (verse 19). I don’t blame them! Most of these men had been out on that lake on many nights before. They had never seen anyone walking on water!

Jesus continued to demonstrate that He was not like them. As John’s Gospel is unfolding, Jesus is making the case for His claim to be the Messiah (John 4:26). This miracle or sign is just another manifestation of the reality of the Messianic claim of Jesus.

Don’t miss this though. When the disciples see Jesus in the midst of the storm on the lake, He says, “It is I.” In Greek, this is the same as saying, “I Am.” He is God in the flesh! And—He is behaving like God on earth. He is guiding, rescuing, teaching, and feeding His disciples.

As we are making our way through these 40 Days of Hope, we are learning more and more about Jesus. He is our unparalleled Savior! No one even compares to Him. The Gospel accounts are pointing us to a certain conclusion. Jesus really is God in the flesh!

Today, take some time to reflect on Jesus Christ. Record a few of your thoughts about Him.

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March 12

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