Easter 2019

40 Days of Hope

March 16

Saturday, March 16

Who Else but Jesus!

John 6:60-71

As the sermon concluded, many of the followers of Jesus decided this was just too much. In fact, John records that “many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him” (John 6:66). They enjoyed the bread and fish on the mountain, but the message of commitment and sacrifice was just too demanding.

Jesus offered even more insight about His ministry. If this teaching was too much, imagine how these folks would respond when He leaves them in the Ascension (John 6:62).

The message of Jesus is the Spirit-filled message that gives life. God will draw people to this message through His Spirit. When the true message of Jesus is lifted up, people will be drawn to Him. However, following Jesus is a challenging and demanding journey. This text reminds us of this truth. There were disciples who simply decided this was too demanding. They turned back.

Jesus looked at His original 12 Disciples and asked them, “What about you?” I love Simon Peter’s answer. “Lord, to whom shall we go?” Peter was right. Who else is like Jesus? No one! Who else has the words of eternal life? No one!

Even though Judas Iscariot will turn away, these other Disciples will hold true. They will follow Jesus until their own deaths. They were not perfect men, but they were faithful men. They believed, and it cost them their lives.

Today, Jesus has many admirers. There are those who appreciate some of His teachings. There are many who appreciate His gentle and kind spirit. But, His way is the way of sacrifice. His way is the way of acknowledging sin. His way is the demanding discipleship that calls for complete surrender.

Jesus is not looking for admirers. He is issuing an invitation for people to become true followers!

How committed have you remained to the challenge to follow Jesus! Record a prayer of commitment today and let our Lord know how serious you are in your desire to follow. 

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