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Easter 2019

40 Days of Hope

March 19

Tuesday, March 19

Witness to the Light

John 1:6-13

John the Baptist played a crucial role in the Great Plan of Redemption. He was the forerunner to the Messiah. He was the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy of the voice crying in the wilderness (Isaiah 40:3). He was a witness to the light of the Messiah.

What was his message? What did God send John the Baptist to preach? Jesus is the true light of the world. John pointed people to that light. Even today, those who receive the testimony of that light actually become the children of God. The light of the Gospel overcomes the darkness of our sinful hearts and offers us hope. In Jesus, we find true hope.

Our world still needs this message of light and life. There are too many people who remain in the darkness of sin. Their lives are filled with confusion and doubt. They have no hope. We have the message of life and light. We are to give witness to that light! Just as John the Baptist pointed others to the Messiah, we should point the people in our world to Jesus.

I was seated next to a very gregarious person on an airplane recently. He was very engaging and conversational. He finally asked me what I did for a living. I shared I was a Baptist preacher. He said, “I don’t like Baptist preachers!” He went on to share how his family had been hurt by a pastor in the community. I just listened.

At some point in the conversation, he asked me to defend myself and those in my profession. I simply pointed him to Jesus. After we landed, he gave me his business card and said, “I think I may visit your church someday. Thanks for asking me to look at Jesus and not at you.”

There are people in your world who need Jesus. Make a list of the folks you know who need Him. Commit yourself to pray for them and witness to them.