Thursday, March 21

The Word of Life

1 John 1:1-4

Yesterday we marveled at the miracle of the Incarnation. Here in the prologue to the Apostle John’s first letter, we are given more information about the Incarnation. John opens this letter by declaring the reality of the Incarnation and its central role in the salvation of humanity.

The Apostle John was an eyewitness to this incredible reality. God had actually become flesh and lived on planet earth. John saw Jesus with his own eyes, and he touched Him with his own hands (1 John 1:1). The story of our salvation is rooted in real history and is connected to a real person.

John also declares that Jesus Christ is the Word of Life. I love that. He is not a word about life. He is not a word that points to life. He is THE WORD OF LIFE. In fact, John goes on to declare that Jesus is the One who provides eternal life!

The Person of Jesus and His offer of salvation are at the very heart of Christianity. Our fellowship with one another is rooted in our common belief in Jesus. We believe He is God the Son. We believe His Way is the only way. We believe He is the Word of Life. We believe He is the Word made flesh. We believe Jesus Christ is the only answer for all of humanity’s deepest need.

Our unique belief in Jesus Christ is what distinguishes us as Christians among all world religions. We cannot ascend to some spiritual height through human accomplishment. We cannot bridge the chasm that exists between us and God. God has had to take the initiative to resolve our dilemma. He has accomplished for us what we could never achieve on our own. He has sent His Son to bring us life and hope.

John’s summary statement in verse 4 is beautiful. God’s very real answer to our very real problem makes joy a possibility! Our joy can now be complete.

Praise God for this truth-packed introduction to John’s letter. Our fellowship with one another as a church is deeper than our affections for one another. I’m glad we like each other. I’m glad we love each other. But—at the heart of our unity together is the Word of Life! Our common commitment to a deep truth is at the core of our community together.

God became flesh. He has shown us the path to life. That discovery has brought us together as His people.

Thank God today again for the beauty of the Incarnation. Reflect upon how this miracle has brought us together as the People of God.  

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March 21

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