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Easter 2019

40 Days of Hope

March 28

Thursday, March 28

Hold on to Hope

Hebrews 10:19-25

On Sunday, we heard Jesus declare that He is the only true Gate to the Sheepfold of God. On Monday, we were reminded that His Way (the Narrow Way) is the only way to true life. On Tuesday, we listened as the preacher (the writer of Hebrews!) declared that Jesus is the Great High Priest. And, yesterday we read that the ministry of Jesus was superior to the ministries of the priesthood under the Old Covenant. In our passage today, the author brings all of that together to encourage us to hold-on to our hope in Christ.

Because of all Jesus has done for us, we now have the distinct advantage as the people of God to enter into the Holy Place ourselves! Imagine how radical that must have been to the original Hebrew readers of this letter. God has opened the doors of His “house” and all of His people can access the holiest places. There is a new High Priest in this new spiritual house. Jesus has shed his blood on behalf of the people and a new era has begun.

We are encouraged in this text to stay close to God and to one another. Our lives are to be characterized by deep relational connections both to God and with his people. The life we enjoy with God is to be shared with the life we enjoy with the people of God. Jesus has made all of this possible!

We have been sanctified by Jesus and qualified to live as God’s people in the world. Since we are connected to others, we are to encourage them to remain steadfast in their faith and in their service to God.

As we experience the beauty of this new life under the New Covenant, we are to be filled with hope! In fact, the writer challenges us to hold on to our hope. Our hope is not in ourselves or in our own abilities. Our hope is not rooted in our accomplishments or in our ingenuity. Our hope is rooted solidly in God and what He has accomplished on our behalf. Because of our trust in Him, we can believe He is at work in our lives today. Just as He has secured this new life in Christ for us, He will continue to provide for us as His children.

Thank God today for all He has done for you in Christ!