Easter 2019

40 Days of Hope

March 8

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Friday, March 8

Blessed People Bless People

Psalm 1

You should have known we could not get through 40 days at FBC Arlington without reading Psalm 1! We love this text. As you know, it is engraved along the walls of our Sanctuary. As we gather for worship each Sunday, we are enveloped by the truths of this foundational text.

The psalm opens with an affirmation of hope. The person who is able to resist the false and degrading influences of the wicked, sinners, and mockers—will be blessed.The idea of blessing is one of well-being and rightness. God is promising to bless those who can live in an upright manner.

How can we do this? We have to be fed and nurtured by truth. The psalmist makes this abundantly clear in verse 2. We are to be guided by God’s truth. Our minds need to be enlightened. Our souls need to be fed. Our bodies need to be engaged in healthy endeavors.

The image painted by the psalmist in verse 3 is so poignant. That blessed person becomes like a flourishing tree, intentionally planted by streams of water, full of fruit, and fully mature. Wow! What an image!

Here at FBC Arlington, we are seeking to produce Psalm 1 people: people who have deep roots, well-established in truth, people whose lives are being transformed by the power of God at work in their lives, people who are fruitful and productive, and people who have strong branches so that others may rest in the shade of their lives.

Jesus told His disciples that He is “The Way, The Truth, and The Life.” Once we discover The Way --- we can develop deep roots. Then, The Truth begins to transform us from the inside out. Then, The Life is evident in our everyday lives as we produce the fruit consistent with God’s Kingdom interests.

Our hope rests securely on the God who can shape us into the people who can be a blessing to others. You have been blessed! May God use you to be a blessing to others!

Meditate on Psalm 1 today. Describe your own journey into becoming a Psalm 1 person.