Easter 2019

40 Days of Hope

March 9

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Saturday, March 9

I Am

John 8:21-59

Who was Jesus? Who sent Him? How did He have so much insight into God’s law? Why was His teaching so authoritative? How could one explain His miracles? What should be done with Him?

These questions were swirling around the ministry of Jesus by the time we arrive at John 8. Jesus made some bold claims recorded in John 8. For example, read John 8:23-24. He claimed to have a heavenly origin. He also claimed to be able to forgive sins! No one had ever taught like Jesus!

In this text, Jesus also claimed a unique relationship with God the Father (verses 42-47). He also declared that He had the ability to grant eternal life (verses 49-51).

As you might imagine, these bold claims were met with resistance by the religious leaders of the day. But those claims all pale in comparison (with all due respect) to the revelation delivered by Jesus in John 8:58! Abraham was the most revered figure of Biblical literature in Jesus’ day. He was viewed as the father of the faithful. Jesus boldly claimed to be older than Abraham.

In fact, Jesus claimed in John 8:58 to be eternal. He invoked the familiar phrase, “I AM” in reference to Himself. Incredible! The leaders immediately understood this to be blasphemous. They hurried to stone Him on the spot.

What a bold statement from Jesus. His claim continues to reverberate across the halls of time. He is God in the flesh. He is the Eternal Son of God. He has no beginning. He simply is. Invoking the “I AM” from Exodus 3 is the boldest statement He will make in His earthly ministry.

This truth is good news for us. Jesus Christ is the incarnation of God. He stepped out of eternity to clothe Himself with human flesh. Just as John declared, “The Word became flesh” (John 1:14). He is uniquely qualified to offer us the gift of eternal life. He is the Savior of the world. His Way is The Way. We believe in Him, and though we die, we live!

Jesus Christ is worthy of our devotion. He is our Redeemer. Let the claims of Jesus wash over your soul today.

Reflect on the eternal nature of God the Son. Write a prayer of thanks to God for the miracle of the Incarnation.