I enrolled at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in the fall of 1981. Subsequently, I earned my Master of Divinity and a PhD in Church History. I began my ministry as a pastor in 1983. I also taught Preaching at George W. Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor for 8 years. All that to say, I have spent years reading, researching and learning. My intellectual, academic, spiritual and professional journey has been informed by a great cloud of witnesses through the years.

This Resource Page is the result of years of study, research and reflection. It will be a growing, dynamic resource that I hope will assist you in your own journey of faith and learning. It is not exhaustive for sure, but I have tried to give you some insight into what I have learned from these authors, preachers, teachers, theologians and the like.

I’m always reading. My reading diet usually consists of a hodge-podge of authors and topics that ranges from the very serious to the totally fun. Sometimes I wish it were more systematic—but I am a chaordic (chaos + order) learner, so I enjoy and need a bit of chaos in my orderly habits!

​The Resource Page is arranged topically. You can peruse a topic and discover some useful resources to assist you in your own research or maybe just enjoy your leisure.

I hope this helps you.