The Roman Road
July 23-September 30, 2017

All roads lead to Rome!

Has there ever been a more influential letter than Paul’s letter to the church in Rome in the first century? I can’t imagine there has been. This letter has been at the heart of some of the greatest events and movements in the history of Christianity.

Augustine was delivered from his torturous life through a reading of Romans. Martin Luther set the world on fire by launching the Reformation of the Church through a study of Romans. John Wesley found his heart “strangely warmed” because of his encounter with this book.

We will take 10 weeks to plumb the depths of this stunning masterpiece. We will also spend 4 days in concentrated study of Romans during our Summer Bible Study.

July 23, 2017
Unashamed of the Gospel
Romans 1:14-17
Josh Stowe, Guest Preacher

Paul was very clear in his understanding of the Gospel. It is the power of God at work in the lives of people. He was obligated to proclaim it, eager to proclaim it and unashamed to proclaim it. In our world today, we need clear presentations of the Gospel. May God find us to be duty-bound, eager and unashamed of the Gospel in our day!

Daily Bible Readings
This week, we begin a 10-week journey in a study of Paul’s letter to the Roman church. This letter is filled with insight into many major doctrines of our faith. It is also full of spiritual insight for living the Christian life. Ask God to guide you as we spend this concentrated time in this grand letter.

July 24:           Romans 1:1-17
July 25:           Romans 1:18-32
July 26:           Romans 2:1-16
July 27:           Romans 2:17-29
July 28:           Romans 3
July 29:           Reflection

July 30, 2017
The Gospel of Grace
Romans 3:21-31
Josh Stowe, Guest Preacher

The Gospel is good news! It is rooted in the very heart of God! God’s grace is what makes the good news so good. We all need God’s grace. Both Jews and Gentiles fall short of God’s expectations and plans. We need the grace of God’s Gospel to find life and hope.

Daily Bible Readings

Paul pointed his readers to remember the faith of Abraham and how God honored that faith. God still honors the faith of His people. He also is a God who cares deeply about His children. He has provided a path for all of us to find our way to life.

July 31:            Romans 4
August 1:         Romans 5
August 2:         Romans 6
August 3:         Romans 7
August 4:         Romans 8:1-17
August 5:         Reflection

August 6, 2017
Peace with God
Romans 5:1-11

God’s provision for us is real and meaningful. He has offered us the opportunity to be at peace with Him. We no longer have to live our lives according to our own desires and the sinfulness of our flesh. We can experience the blessing of His salvation and receive His gift of peace. Praise God!

Daily Bible Readings
God’s gift of the Holy Spirit has made a real difference in our daily lives. We now can live according to the Spirit. Romans 8 is a wonderful reminder of the life we have available to us in the Spirit. Romans 9-11 is Paul’s deep message to the Jewish and Gentile believers of His day. His hope was they would be deeply reconciled to both God and each other.

August 7:         Romans 8:18-39
August 8:         Romans 9:1-13
August 9:         Romans 9:14-33
August 10:       Romans 10
August 11:       Romans 11
August 12:       Reflection

August 13, 2017
Led by the Spirit of God
Romans 8:1-17

As we follow The Jesus Way, we discover the beauty of life in the Spirit. Prior to our conversion, we were led by our natural inclinations and desires. As sinners, this kind of life leads to incredible natural disasters. However, as followers of Jesus, we have a different kind of life available to us --- life in the Spirit!

Daily Bible Readings
This week, we conclude our first reading of Romans. Chapter 12 is some of Paul’s finest writing. It is a practical guide for all believers in understanding the sacrificial life God has called us to live. Ask God to give you the daily guidance you need to live in ways that honor Him.

August 14:       Romans 12
August 15:       Romans 13
August 16:       Romans 14
August 17:       Romans 15
August 18:       Romans 16
August 19:       Reflection

August 20, 2017
The Love of God
Romans 8:31-39

Romans is a letter characterized by hope built upon truth. Paul sets forth truth and points his readers to the hope generated by it. Our text for today is a great example of this. God’s love is deep and pervasive. In fact, we cannot be separated from it! As a believer, you can rest securely in the love of God!

Daily Bible Readings
This week, we will begin re-tracing our steps through Romans. We will re-visit the grand themes of this great letter. We will call upon other Scripture to re-enforce what we are learning. Our hope is to deepen our understanding of the insights contained in this grand masterpiece from the mind and heart of St. Paul.

August 21:       Romans 8:1-17
August 22:       Romans 8:18-31
August 23:       1 John 4:7-21
August 24:       Romans 5:1-11
August 25:       1 Corinthians 13
August 26:       Reflection

August 27, 2017
God is in Charge!
Romans 9:14-29

We believe our God is sovereign. He is the only true God. He is self-existent and absolutely exists independently of His creation. However, He has chosen to be in relationship with His creation. He is sovereign over His creation. He is God!

Daily Bible Readings
Romans 9-11 is a challenging part of this letter. This section of the letter is really about God and His plan for the ages. Israel was chosen by God to be His instrument in the Great Plan of Redemption. The story of Israel is important to both Jews and Gentiles alike. Israel’s Messiah is also the Savior of the world. You cannot tell The Big Story without understanding the story of Israel.

August 28:       Romans 9:1-18
August 29:       Romans 9:19-33
August 30:       Romans 10
August 31:       Romans 11:1-24
September 1:   Romans 11:25-36
September 2:   Reflection

September 3, 2017
Everyone is Welcome!
Romans 10:1-15

Last Sunday, we learned about the sovereignty of God. He is truly God. He is a God of glory. Today, we explore the truth that He is also a God of grace. He has graciously extended an offer to humanity. We can respond to His offer and discover the beauty of eternal life! Everyone is welcome!

Daily Bible Readings
The Gospel is Still Good News! This week in our readings, we will explore some of the great passages in our Bible concerning this great Gospel Paul has addressed in Romans. Praise God for His offer of grace!

September 4:   John 3:1-21
September 5:   Ephesians 2
September 6:   Romans 3:9-31
September 7:   Colossians 3:1-17
September 8:   1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5
September 9:   Reflection

September 10, 2017
Living Sacrifices
Romans 12:1-2

Paul lived in a day when sacrifices were commonplace. Most of the religions in the first century practiced some form of sacrifice. So, the imagery of sacrifice was well-connected in that world. However, Paul radically changed that image with his phrase “living sacrifices.” That was a revolutionary idea. It still is today. We are to be living sacrifices in our service to Jesus!

Daily Bible Readings
The Gospel is a life-changing phenomenon. Once we accept Jesus, our lives are changed forever. We are placed on a different and new life trajectory. Our daily lives are never the same. We now march to the beat of a different drummer than the rest of the world. Our Savior demands a new way of life. He makes that new way of life possible.

September 11:     Romans 12
September 12:     Romans 13
September 13:     Ephesians 4:1-16
September 14:     Ephesians 4:17-32
September 15:     Ephesians 5:1-21
September 16:     Reflection

September 17, 2017
Blessing the Generations
Romans 15:1-13

God has blessed us! Our church is a multi-generational congregation. That is a true blessing. We can all learn from each other. Our different perspectives blended together form a rich tapestry that only God can make possible. We are a church for everybody. Each generation brings a blessing to the whole. We are living together in unity and harmony for the glory of God!

Daily Bible Readings
God’s people are truly blessed people. His work in our lives is to never be taken for granted. He has provided for us in every season of life. As we live together in community, we enjoy the sweet fellowship of knowing Him and knowing each other.

September 18:     Psalm 1
September 19:     Colossians 1:24-2:5
September 20:     Colossians 2:6-15
September 21:     Romans 15:1-13
September 22:     Acts 11:19-30
September 23:     Reflection

September 24, 2017
The Gospel of God
Romans 1:1-13

As we bring our study of Romans to a conclusion, we re-visit the opening words from Paul. This Gospel is God’s idea. It is His Good News for His creation. It is rooted in history and reality. It is God’s message for all people for all time.

Daily Bible Readings
The Gospel is God’s answer to the condition of humanity. God has chosen to act intentionally in response to the brokenness of the human family. His answer is the one, true answer. It is still good news!

September 25:     Romans 1:1-17
September 26:     Romans 3:1-20
September 27:     Romans 3:21-31
September 28:     Romans 5:1-21
September 29:     Romans 8:1-17

September 30:     Reflection​